The Enneagram is an ancient, newly discovered tool that is beneficial for people in the personal, interpersonal and social spheres of human existence. It is extraordinarily useful because it works. Each of us has life experience that has given us a degree of self-knowledge; however there is always a deepening clarity we discover through our Enneagram type. The awareness that comes is like a light shining in one’s closet.

In interpersonal relationships the Enneagram enables us to emerge with a new appreciation and acceptance of others. People begin to see how different others really are. There are nine different personality types, with their motivations and affective flavor that confront us in the persons of our world. Thus we discover why of a common experience, some persons are easier for us to understand and accept while others present a more difficult challenge.

The Enneagram is primarily a spiritual tool and as such is one of the clearest and most accurate methods available for understanding ourselves and those who are important to us. The insight that it gives can change our lives. Life is simply never the same.

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