The Enneagram is deceptively simple. The more we learn about the Enneagram the more we find there is to learn. To that end, Enneagram Intensives are an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Enneagram wisdom. These three day weekend conferences will explore intermediate and advanced concepts of the Enneagram using lecture, small group, panels and discussion formats. Attendance is limited to 40 people in each Intensive and attendees should understand their Enneagram number and possess a solid level of Enneagram knowledge either through completion of the introductory workshop, Know Your Number, or a thorough understanding of the Enneagram primer, The Road Back to You. The cost for each Intensive is $350 and includes course materials, snacks, drinks, lunch Friday, lunch Saturday. Intensives typically meet from 9:00am to 5:00 pm on Friday and Saturday and 1:00pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday.

Movement and the Enneagram: Triads Intensive
It is widely accepted that there are three central intelligences: thinking, feeling and doing. They are our natural resources when encountering, understanding and responding to the world. The Enneagram names these centers as Triads, commonly referred to as: The Thinking Triad, The Feeling Triad and the Doing Triad. Each center has its own purpose and function and for all of us one is dominant, one supports the dominant and one is repressed. This piece of Enneagram wisdom teaches us how we respond, why we respond the way we do and how it affects our relationships with others.

This intensive will also include instruction about the wings of each number and their importance in understanding behavior. Finally, we will examine one of the most valuable teachings of the Enneagram, the non-static nature of this system which allows for organic moves that show how we respond to both stress and security. This is an ideal second step for those who have identified their number and want to know more.

How you read the world: Stances Intensive
After students of the Enneagram identify their personality type, many want to know what do about what they’ve learned. Because of the inevitable wounding we all experience in childhood, we lose our ability to balance the three centers of intelligence: thinking, feeling and doing. Learning to balance these three stances frees up enormous amounts of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Enneagram Stances are determined by naming the weakest of these centers and understanding the Stances begins a lifelong process that seeks to use each of the centers for its intended purpose. The three stances are named according to our initial response to others. People in the Dependent Stance move toward others, those in the Withdrawing Stance move away and those in the Aggressive Stance move independently.

Christian Spirituality Intensive
Our ways of connecting with God are as varied as our Enneagram numbers. During this retreat, Joe and Suzanne Stabile will draw on their years of experience as retreat leaders as they explore the intersection of the Enneagram and Christian spiritual practices.

Boot Camp II: Advanced Intensive*
Change is inevitable. Transformation is desirable. Enneagram wisdom helps us to embrace the first and allow the second. The Enneagram is deceptively simple and it’s applications are seemingly unending. Boot Camp II Intensive participants enjoy the opportunity to collectively apply Enneagram wisdom to their daily lives and relationships. This hallmark event each summer seeks to offer new ways of applying Enneagram wisdom to a variety of subjects. Previous topics have included discernment, grieving, self-care.

*Boot Camp II is the most advanced Enneagram teaching LTM offers. Participants must have an advanced understanding of the Enneagram to attend, having either attended a Boot Camp 1 or both Triads and Stances Intensive. Boot Camp II will always be over the first Saturday in August and follows a slightly different schedule than standard Intensives:6p – 9p Thursday, 9a – 5p Friday, 9a-5p Saturday, and 1p – 5p Sunday.