The Enneagram Journey

A DVD Curriculum for Growth, Exploration, and Transformation

A 12-session curriculum designed to help participants learn about the Enneagram, a powerful ancient tool for understanding motivation, behavior, and experience. Led by Suzanne Stabile, a master teacher and guide, each set includes:

  • 12 DVDs, each one devoted to one of Suzannes 60-minute teachings that make up The Enneagram Journey
  • A Facilitator Guide designed to equip even novice leaders with everything they need to conduct a successful course
  • 8 copies of the Participant Guide to encourage engagement and learning

Table of Contents

  • A Note from Suzanne
  • MILESTONE 1: The Enneagram Journey: Mapping the Way
  • MILESTONE 2: Three Ways of Moving Through the World: Stances
  • MILESTONE 3: Three Ways of Responding to the World: Triads
  • MILESTONE 4: A Tour of the Nine Numbers
  • MILESTONE 5: What’s Driving Us? The Nine Passions
  • MILESTONE 6: Self-Care on the Journey: Wings, Stress and Security
  • MILESTONE 7: Signposts Along the Way: Messages and Motivations
  • MILESTONE 8: Seeking Balance: Elevating Your Repressed Center
  • MILESTONE 9: Slowing Down: Managing Your Dominant Center
  • MILESTONE 10: The Road Goes On: Care and Transformation of Your Number
  • MILESTONE 11: Landmarks: Putting Your Number in Larger Context
  • MILESTONE 12: Fellow Travelers: Tips from Enneagram Companions
  • A Seeker’s Journal
  • The Enneagram Passport
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography and Resources

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The Enneagram Journey Staff Members

  • Editor: Sheryl Fullerton
  • Guide Authors: Lennijo Henderson and Gary Duke
  • Business operations: Meredith Inman

The Enneagram Journey Curriculum Cover

Suzanne Stabile, an internationally renowned teacher and director of retreats, offers a unique and creative approach to the practice of spiritual formation. A master teacher of the Enneagram, Suzanne draws upon her educational background at Southern Methodist University, as well as her life skills learned as a mother of four, a social worker, and a minister’s spouse. Her refreshing teaching style is an unforgettable blend of humor, honesty and authenticity. During the course of her 20-year career in teaching the Enneagram, Suzanne has led over 700 introductory and advanced workshops across the United States and Europe. She and her husband, Joseph, are the founders of Life in the Trinity Ministry and the Micah Center in Dallas, TX.