The Storyline of the Bible
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As we view the world, Gods creation is an amazing panoply of shapes and colors. We see it in the majesty of the mountains, the lush green meadows, the many fields of grain, the oceans wide, the roaring rivers and the stark desert landscapes. It is also evident in the many and varied species of animals both wild and tame. In the middle of all creation we find human beings who long to reconnect with both creation and the Creator. The biblical story is a marvelous account of the Creator and humankind finding their way back together in the ancient story of salvation history. In this 48 session series, Brian McLaren offers a unique and engaging insight into this journey as he traces the storyline of the Bible in seven episodes. 1. Creation 2. Crisis 3. Calling 4. Conversation 5. Christ 6. Community 7. Celebration